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    Turn Turn Turn

    Festival Five Records | FFR019 | CD, Digital Parents’ Choice Gold Award. Grammy Award winner Dan Zanes and Grammy nominated Elizabeth Mitchell, two of the most acclaimed makers of handmade, independent, age-desegregated music, collaborate for the first time on this spirited and singable folk collection which includes the popular title track and 5 new Zanes originals.
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    Rabbit Days and Dumplings

    Festival Five Records | FFR018 | CD, Digital Featured on NPR. Festival Five Records presents Rabbit Days and Dumplings. This debut album from band member Elena Moon Park is an all-ages album of folk and children’s songs from East Asia rediscovered and reinterpreted for the 21st century family.
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    Little Nut Tree

    Festival Five Records | FFR016 | CD, Digital Parents' Choice Gold winner 2012! Little Nut Tree is the official follow up to the Grammy award winning Catch That Train and first musical mixed bag family album from Dan Zanes and Friends in five years.
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    Catch That Train! (2006)

    Festival Five Records | FFR009 | CD, Digital Grammy award winner for Best Musical Album for Children! Catch That Train! is a new frontier in 21st century all-ages family social music! This 17 song collection includes soulful performances by both fine and familiar friends.
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    Night Time! (2002)

    Festival Five Records | FFR003 | CD, Digital Night Time! is a celebration of the mysterious hours between dusk and dawn. This isn't what you would call a lullaby record (note the exclamation point) but is perfect for when the dance party is over and it's cool down time.
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    Family Dance (2002)

    Festival Five Records | FFR002 | CD, Digital This is hip, handmade, 21st century folk music for kids and kid sympathizers. The follow-up to Rocket Ship Beach. A natural blend of folk, rock and roll, fiddle tunes, a capella, hip hop, and dancehall.
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    House Party (2003)

    Festival Five Records | FFR006 | CD, Digital House Party is the most far-reaching and sonically diverse of the Dan Zanes and Friends CDs. It's the sound of a musical winter gathering that just wouldn't end. Friends kept dropping in and with them come songs, instruments, and a readiness to hang around.
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    Rocket Ship Beach (2000)

    Festival Five Records | FFR001 | CD, Digital, Vinyl Children's music with the raw spontaneity of early rock and roll, the handmade traditions of American folk and the breezy soulfulness of old time West Indian music, all on a scale for little and big ears - all with some very special guests. NOW ON VINYL and for a limited time all vinyl copies will be signed by Dan Zanes!
  • 76 t Sq

    76 Trombones (2009)

    Festival Five Records | FFR014 | CD, Digital Dan Zanes and Friends delve into a vital part of America's musical heritage with 76 Trombones; introducing a new generation of kids to classic Broadway songs that everyone knows and loves.
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    ¡Nueva York! (2008)

    Festival Five Records | FFR011 | CD, Digital Independent Music Award Winner ¡Nueva York! is a wild, 21st century party of the sort that is sure to be springing up more and more as musicians and their friends build musical bridges with songs that can connect us all. This CD is sung primarily in Spanish.
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    The Welcome Table: Songs of Inspiration, Mystery & Good Times (2008)

    Festival Five Records | FFR012 | CD, Digital The Welcome Table: Songs of Inspiration, Mystery, and Good Times is a collection of new and previously issued recordings for listeners of all-ages.
  • 800495000727 - Parades And Panoramas: 25 Songs Collected By Carl Sandburg For The American Songbag - CD

    Parades And Panoramas: 25 Songs Collected By Carl Sandburg For The American Songbag (2004)

    Festival Five Records | FFR007 | CD, Digital Featured on NPR. Americans used to make a lot more music than they do these days. I have good news! We could easily be doing it again. Parades and Panoramas is my way of showing how much fun old songs can be to learn, sing and play.
  • Sea Squared

    Sea Music (2004)

    Festival Five Records | FFR004 | CD, Digital Sea Music is an emotional and spirited acoustic collection of fourteen traditional maritime songs performed by Dan Zanes and Festival Five Folk. This is the first traditional folk release from Festival Five Records. This album was chosen by Rolling Stone Magazine as the "hot maritime sounds" of 2003 (well over a hundred years after the golden days of the sea shantey).
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    It's A Bam Bam Diddly! (2007)

    Festival Five Records | FFR010-01 | CD, Digital's Children's CD of the Year. All-ages dance party favorite Father Goose a.k.a. Rankin Don brings his rocking caribbean flavor to the family music scene with It's a Bam Bam Diddly!
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    Widdecombe Fair (2003)

    Festival Five Records | FFR05 | CD, Digital This CD by David Jones and Bill Shute is a rich and soulful collection of eighteen ballads, work songs, and sea shanties from the British Isles and North America.
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    All Around The Kitchen! (2005)

    Festival Five Records | FFR008 | Digital, DVD Dan's first ever DVD features nine selections shot live in concert at New York's Knitting Factory and six videos including favorites from Sesame Street, Playhouse Disney and more! Digital audio copy available!
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